Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4 = iWant

I've never been an Apple diehard but I am definitely seduced by several new or improved features by the new iPhone. I mean, we all got a first glimpse of the new iPhone 4 after Gizmodo got its hands on an early prototype two months ago.

The new iPhone is faster, thinner and prettier with video calling, high-definition movie editing and a crisp display. It goes on sale June 24 and I just may have to conveniently lose my current iphone to get an upgrade. Hmmm.... :)

With a new stainless steel and glass design, it also has integrated antennas that (hopefully!) promise to improve reception on Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks. Overall, the case is 24 percent thinner than the current iPhone 3GS. It also boasts a second video camera on the front that will permit video calling. And the 960-by-640 "retina display" shows images and text more crisply (it should since it's the same A4 processor that powers the iPad).

Moreover, the new iPhone has an improved battery life by about 40 percent so it should last longer. The camera has also been upgraded with more pixels and 720p high-definition video recording. With this new feature, the new iPhone 4 could theoretically replace your pocket camera and Flip cam. And with an improved battery life, that means we can spend more time Yelping, getting directions or playing our various apps non-stop.

So, are you going to rush out and buy the new iPhone 4? You'll have to stand in line (behind me). :)

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